Your feel-good stories: 5 reasons to be grateful today

At Ombar, we have a whole list of things we’re grateful for: every minute of British sunshine, long Bank Holiday weekends and access to an endless supply of Ombars! They may only be small things, but they make life that little bit sweeter.

On Blue Monday, we teamed up with Pukka Herbs on Twitter and Facebook to ask what you are grateful for. We had some incredible responses, so we thought we’d share five of the best and spread some positivity around!

Supportive friends

We all need a friend that knows exactly what to do or say when you’re down and always has your back no matter what. Life can be tough, and we’d struggle to get through it without a good bestie by our side! Some of you even tagged your friends in your comments to us, which melted our hearts.

The bare necessities

It is humbling to see how many of you are grateful to just be alive, healthy and have a roof over your head. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how many people don’t have these essentials, and so we often take them for granted. When the little things grind you down, it can be comforting to remember that you actually have an awful lot!

Facebook bare necessities post

Furry Friends

Humans are great and all, but we’re a big fan of animals too here at Ombar! Who else is going to dash to the front door to greet you with a tail wag? Or listen to how bad your day was without rolling their eyes? Life is so joyful when you’ve got a pet to come home to, and many of you proudly shared photos of your furry friends.

Cat picture facebook post

A Loving Family

So many of you wanted to express your gratitude for having wonderful partners, children and even grandchildren. They make us laugh, support us no matter what and even make the dinner so we don’t have to on occasion! They may be annoying or embarrassing sometimes, but we wouldn’t change them for anything.

A Fulfilling Job

A huge chunk of our lives is spent in work, so we all crave to have a job that makes it easy to get up in the early hours every day. We’re certainly grateful for our jobs here at Ombar, especially when the refiner is running and there’s a sweet, sensuous smell of chocolate in the air!

Even if you’re not in the role you want to be in right now, remember that your job gets you out of the house each day, helps maintain the lifestyle you enjoy and allows you to make a difference to people’s lives, no matter how seemingly small.

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If you haven’t stopped to think about it for a while, we really do recommend taking some time to reflect upon all the great things you have to be grateful for – it’s a great way to boost your mood! If you’d like some help to do this, check out this simple, guided meditation on cultivating gratitude by our Brand Ambassador, Madeleine Shaw: []