Cacao and the Heart Chakra

With Valentine’s Day approaching, we can’t look anywhere without seeing hearts and chocolate. Sure, both are strongly linked to the romantic notion of love. But it turns out that the connection between hearts and chocolate is so much more. Cacao (the main ingredient in chocolate) can physically and emotionally open our hearts! So what’s this connection all about?

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The food choices we make can have a big impact on our environment. As we all know, the environment around us is facing increasing stress and damage, often caused by human actions. But did you know that a vegan diet can place less of a burden on the environment in a number of ways? Here are 3 environmental benefits of going vegan...

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Did you know that following a plant-based diet can have benefits for your health? From reducing your chances of suffering from chronic disease to improving your mental health, we've listed 8 health benefits of going vegan. Find out more. Read More

cacao arrives in Europe

Did you know that for decades chocolate was celebrated as a nutritious drink – even considered a medicine by doctors?  And that in London drinking chocolate houses were more popular among the super-elite than coffee houses?

So what happened?  How did chocolate go from nutritious drink to junk food?

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Beauty and Cacao

As if you need more reasons to treat yourself to your favourite raw chocolate bar, did you know that eating raw cacao could have benefits for your skin, hair and nails, too?

Here are four ways in which eating raw cacao could help keep you looking beautiful…

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Ombar Advent Calendar

December is finally upon us and the count down to Christmas has begun. This year at Ombar we decided to get our ‘Christmas Craft’ on and make our own home-made advent calendar! We have put together a quick how to guide and provided you with a printable PDF so you can get crafty and make your own Ombar Advent Calendar too! Happy crafting!

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Cacao Pod

Chocolate is way more complex and interesting than just a sweet treat; it’s part of a colourful – and sometimes bizarre – history that to this day remains largely unknown.

From religious ceremonies to medicine and even commerce, cacao (the main ingredient in chocolate) has been making human history for over 3,000 years! Join us on a quick tour of cacao and chocolate that stretches back to the beginning of recorded history…

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The Marie Claire made by Lifebox

We're pleased as punch to announce that we've been chosen to appear in the amazing Marie Claire made by Lifebox range this month! We are proud to have been handpicked by the Lifebox crew, who work only with brands and producers who share their ethos, and produce the highest quality products, the most nourishing and true health foods out there.

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Sleeping at work? Try raw cacao

If you’ve just had a rough night’s sleep, you’ll probably be feeling foggy-headed, grumpy and irritable, and wishing you were at home in bed! The good news is that help could be at hand … and it’s likely to be a healthier solution than multiple cups of coffee or energy drinks!

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Guide to tasting chocolate

Here at Ombar we’re passionate about making a healthier chocolate, but we want our chocolate to taste amazing as well. We want you to get the most out of every piece of your Ombar, so we’ve put together this simple Ombar chocolate tasting guide...

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