Food cravings

If you thought your food cravings were just an annoyance, think again; they may be telling you something useful. Let’s have a look at some of the more common cravings, what they could mean and how you can address them in a more helpful way.

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Coconut Sugar vs White Sugar

September 05, 2017


Coconut Sugar

We all know about the various health benefits of the humble coconut.  But do you know much about coconut sugar? Both our bars and buttons contain unrefined coconut sugar, giving our chocolate its natural sweetness, with less of the guilt!  Here’s all you need to know about coconut sugar. 

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Almonds in a bowl

Almonds may be considered an ‘everyday’ food, but they have some surprising qualities. Here are some of the reasons we’ve chosen almonds as a key ingredient in our brand new Ombar Coco Almond.

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Ways to Stay Healthy on HolidayHere’s our 5 top tips guide on how to feel revitalised not only while you’re away on holiday, but when you get home too! 
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The coconut revolution is upon us. Just a few years ago, coconut milk and desiccated coconut were the only products we’d see in our shops. But we now have access to an abundance of natural coconut products: coconut oil, coconut water, coconut cream, coconut flour, coconut chunks, coconut sugar, and even coconut yoghurt. 

So what has made coconut so popular and a great choice for healthy diets and lifestyles? 

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Strawberries & Cream Popsicles with Ombar 72% Cacao Chocolate

Niki Webster's (of Rebel Recipes) latest recipe for Strawberry and Coconut Cream Popsicles is perfect for the sweltering summer heat. And with her super easy method, you can whip these up in no time. Perfect for an afternoon in the sun!

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Breakfast bowl with Ombar

Breakfast doesn’t have to be boring, and adding a little Ombar to your first meal of the day is sure to make it unmissable! All Ombar ingredients are natural and minimally processed to make sure your chocolate fix contains as much goodness as possible.

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Ombar raw chocolate bars with natural dried fruitWe’ve always used all-natural, unrefined ingredients in our delicious Ombars. These include the natural whole-fruit powders and dried fruits that are used to flavour several of our bars, including Blueberry & Açaì, Strawberry Mylk, Goji Berry, Mandarin, Lemon & Green Tea and Centres Raspberry & Coconut. Read More

Double Chocolate Donuts

June 09, 2017

Double Chocolate Donuts with Ombar 72% Chocolate

We've got another recipe from Niki Webster of Rebel Recipes... Double Chocolate Donuts! She's gone for the full chocolate hit on these delicious donuts: made with raw cacao and dipped in Ombar 72% Cacao chocolate.

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Yoga exercise balls

Here at Ombar, we’re all about a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Keeping active doesn’t just do wonders for your physical fitness, it’s great for your mind and soul too. Keeping daily stresses and strains at bay, exercise is a great way of releasing feel-good chemicals and improving your mood.

Fitness classes are an ideal way of incorporating exercise into your daily routine, and with such a huge variety of classes to choose from, there is one to suit every need and ability.

If you’re looking for a new and unique way of getting your fitness fix, we’ve put together a list of the latest fitness class trends that you just have to try.

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